Frequently Asked Questions

affordable snack machinesQ) Is there any cost or charge to our company to have your vending machine(s) placed in our facility?

A) There is NO cost/charge to your company. We only require the use of a power outlet to power up the machines.

Q) Can we earn commission on the sales?

A) Yes, however, the percentage of commission is based on the volume of sales.

Q) How often does your company come out to service the machines?

A) We service and maintain machinery as often as the account requires.

Q) How are refunds handled if money is lost in a machine?

A) Refund slips are provided and money is refunded at the time of the next scheduled service date. Or, a refund bank is set-up in the company’s office.

Q) Can we make special product requests?

A) Yes, normally we handle all major brands of vending products. If we do not carry the particular item, we will special order it.

Q) How quickly does your company respond to trouble/repair calls?

A) Normally, we respond to this type of call the same day.

Q) Does your company have liability insurance?

A) Yes, we carry business liability insurance coverage through a major insurance company.

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